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LoanDolphin helps you compare home loan options across the market and save up to 90% of the time it normally takes to secure the right loan for you.

How it works

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Tell us about your priorities and financial requirements. Our secure online platform ensures these details remain private and secure.

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It’s just like an auction, but you’re holding the hammer. Our verified lenders compete against each other, giving you transparency across the board.

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Connect and apply

Once you’re happy with your rate and product, you’ll be connected with the lender or broker you’ve chosen and will be guided through the application process.

LoanDolphin reviews:
Mike Israel saved 10K

LoanDolphin customer Mike Israel recently caught up with Channel 10 to talk about his experience using LoanDolphin and how he saved $10,000 in a few simple clicks. Checkout the video below and read about his experience.

Experienced Professionals at Your Fingertips

We understand more than anyone that getting a home loan be complicated. That’s why LoanDolphin works with only the very best brokers to ensure you a simple and safe means of securing a loan. Each lender must meet all five of our criteria before they can bid for your business. Unlike our competitors our strict vetting process ensures you receive the best possible offers whilst enjoying an outstanding customer experience.

With over 150 Banks & Brokers we can connect you with:

Why Us?

Save time and money

When banks and brokers compete you win with a better home loan in less time.

100% Free

LoanDolphin doesn’t charge you fees.

No Obligation

No commitment and you are not locked in until the loan settles. You choose what is right for you.

Fair and Open

Unlike other sites, we don’t charge banks and brokers joining or monthly fees. Everyone is free to compete for your home loan.

Private and Secure

We use bank-grade security technology and allow you to control who sees your information.

Quality Ensured

Each broker and lender is screened before receiving our approval. They are also reviewed and rated regularly by customers.


You choose when you want your LoanDolphin posting to end.This allows you the proper time to review all your bids then chose the right loan for you.


You can secure your next home loan in three simple steps.

This was our first time buying a home and as off the plan. We wanted to find someone who can trust. My friend recommended LoanDolphin and we found a great deal and a good mortgage broker. It was quick and perfect.

Nish Parramatta, NSW

The process was simple, put in your requirements and you get bids sent to you. Glad to give a go as we ended up with a fantastic broker. This was our first home purchase. We hadn't organised the loan yet and were quite stressed. Toby was fantastic, called up, came and saw me at work. Arranged everything and managed to get the bank to waive the application fee. I highly recommend him.

Alistair Perth, WA

I found that I was paying too much interest. I heard about LoanDolphin and decided to use it so banks and lenders could fight for my home loan instead of me having to go through the arduous task of looking for a lower rate.

Mike M. Mosman, NSW