LoanDolphin reviews: Mike Israel saved 10K

LoanDolphin reviews: Mike Israel saved 10K

LoanDolphin customer Mike Israel recently caught up with Channel 10 to talk about his experience using LoanDolphin and how he saved $10,000 in a few simple clicks. Check out the video below and read about his experience.


Channel 10 Video


Mike’s Story

Sydney resident Mike Israel was unhappy with his mortgage rate. He was paying 5.17% with St George, and with Australia’s interest rates supposedly at record lows, he felt he wasn’t getting the best deal.

But reaching out to every bank and spending hours haggling for a better rate is a time consuming process. Like many people, Mike lead a busy life and doesn’t have the time to spend ages on the phone or researching individual banks.

Instead, Mike decided to try LoanDolphin which “turns the tables” on the banks. Instead of having to call every lender himself, Mike simply put his details in – and the banks had to bid against one another  to win his loan over at a lower rate.

“They were genuinely interested in me because they had to be, I wasn’t captive,” Mike says.

By using LoanDophin, Mike managed to get a rate of under 4% – a $10,000 saving on a $220,000 loan.

It opened up a lot of options for Mike. He could use the savings to pay off his mortgage early or spend it on a project such as renovation. In the end Mike chose to use the savings to go on holiday to the States with his family.

Mike said he would highly recommend LoanDolphin to his family and friends.

“This was my third loan in Australia, so I was experienced in applying for loans. I found LoanDolphin saved me more time and money than approaching banks myself.”


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