Boost the value of your property with these 5 tips

Boost the value of your property with these 5 tips


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Whether you have just bought a new home or are soon in the market to sell, these 5 tips can help you dramatically increase the property value within a budget that works for you.

1. Update your kitchen

Kitchens are usually one of the biggest selling points on a listed property, as they are equally valued for their functionality as well as their entertainment potential. If you’re looking to DIY, the biggest impact can come from some of the most commonly overlooked details.

New taps, knobs and handles can go a long way towards giving your kitchen a contemporary feel, and are inexpensive to install. Go one step further and fit new cabinetry doors that tie in well with your home’s overall colour scheme. Add a statement light fixture or a series of stylish pendant lights over your counter, and you’ll feel like you’ve got a whole new kitchen.

2. Create an outdoor living sanctuary

Make the most of our great Australian weather by investing in an outdoor living area that you’ll want to relax in all weekend. Whether it’s a sleek timber deck, fans and down‐lighting in a gabled alfresco ceiling or even an outdoor kitchen fit‐out, there are many ways you can transform your junk‐filled patio into your home’s best feature.

The best outdoor living areas find the right balance between letting nature in but keeping the elements out. Consider café blinds and outdoor heaters to offer some protection from extreme weather, and fill your space with shade‐loving plants for a resort‐like feel. With a few simple touches, you’ll be taking the party outdoors before you know it!

3. Spruce up your window treatments

Whether you’re adding sheers, pelmets, shutters or blinds, sleek window treatments will definitely add value while giving your home a polished look. If your windows are standard sizes, many blinds and curtains come ready‐to‐hang. Choose options that will also help with the heating and cooling, as windows are the source of the biggest heat loss and heat gain in a home.

4. Install quality lighting

Natural lighting is always best, but having good quality light fixtures are a close second. Every room in your house will gain a huge value boost from the addition of quality, contemporary light fixtures. Don’t forget, not all lighting has to come from the ceiling! Consider wall sconces in living areas or strip lighting under cabinetry for a cool touch.

5. Paint

Is there anything a lick of paint can’t improve? Ask your local hardware store’s paint experts for help choosing colours that will enhance your home’s best assets. Take extra care to make sure your walls have been properly patched, sealed and prepared and you’ll be left with a perfect finish.

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