How Cyndi saved $36,431.36 with LoanDolphin

How Cyndi saved $36,431.36 with LoanDolphin

Categories: Refinancing

Like most of us, Cyndi had a home loan with a bank who she had been with for many years. She felt her rate was too high and that she wasn’t being looked after but she had signed a 30-year contract and didn’t know where to go or who to speak to.

That was until Cyndi was recommended to the LoanDolphin website by a friend. After reading our blog post “A 30-year contract shouldn’t lock you down” she decided it was time to make a move.

By creating a free auction in just 3 minutes online she received 7 bids from brokers and bank lenders. In less than 3 days she found a much better offer with the lender of her choice. This allowed her to reduce her interest rate from 5.27% to 3.94% which will save her a total of $36,431.36 over her remaining loan term.

With the money she will save, Cyndi will be able to realise her dream to go on a cruise through Europe with her husband once she retires.


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